Let’s put people first

‘Retired’, I am now a gardener. For 25 years I worked as an NHS psychiatrist.

As somebody passionate about science, I fully support open questioning of prevailing understandings [otherwise, how can science learn ?]  In terms of medical interventions [however well intended] it will always be the case that fully informed consent matters. Truly so.

In terms of psychiatry [as a discipline] it concerns me to find how defensive psychiatry has generally come to be. Such that, as I understand it, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has failed to support any of the recommendations made in the Cumberlege Report: First Do No Harm. It is my view, that without fully embracing these recommendations, psychiatry [as a discipline] will be unable to ensure that patients are fully informed.

This recent perspective gives an accurate, and troubling account, of the increasing defensiveness of psychiatry – a defensiveness which reveals that iatrogenic stigma lingers deep.

In 2012, in a paper on Iatrogenic stigma, I concluded:

“If psychiatry can overcome its fears and truly tackle all the heads of stigma, most particularly by truly listening to its patients, it can only be to the benefit of the profession and patients alike. The window tax was abolished in 1851 we have no reason then to exclude the light.”To play my short film*, WINDOW TAX, please click here or on the image above.
*Please note this film was made a decade ago.

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