The Neon Yellow Preservation Society

Long ago, the editorial team that established the British Journal of Psychiatry chose to front-cover their new journal NEON yellow. The journal has remained neon yellow ever since.

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The first President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists:

Writers [see quotes below] sometimes refer to the downsides of  lives lived increasingly separate from the natural world. Not uncommonly the idea of neon [sodium] lighting is used to symbolise this. As all photographers know, fluorescent lighting – neon yellow – casts a most artificial light on any subject.

  • He sighed and looked into the yellow distance– Andrew o’ Hagan
  • Living in Yellow – Deborah Levy
  • They are walking beside us, agree, yet look where their heads are: in that fog of neon – Albert Camus
  • ‘Whatever you do,’ I said, ‘steer away from yellow’– Deborah Levy
  • The ghastly neon lights of the laboratory Valdimir Nabokov
  • It was like a film set – a giant rig of dazzling sodium illumination – a wattage to attract and drown– Jessie Burton

Music credits:
[1] Bugle Boy – by The The [I do not have copyright for this song]
[2] Collapsing Time – by Dexter Britain [kindly made available through common license]

Please Note:
The words, carried forward in this film, come from:
Owen Jones, R L Stevenson, J M Barrie, Evelyn Waugh, George Saunders, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan, Julian Barnes, C P Snow, Umberto Eco, Candia McWilliam, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Claire Fox, George Orwell, Evelyn Waugh,. Edmund Gosse, Kathleen Jamie, Sylvia Plath, Chimamonda Nggozi Adichie, E M Forster, Howard Jacobson, Janice Galloway, Hilary Mantel, Tomasi di Lampedusa, John Berger, Eley Williams, Andrew o’ Hagan, Valdimir Nabokov, Richard Holloway, Susanna Clarke, A S Byatt, George Orwell, John Lanchester, Deborah Levy , Albert Camus, Thomas Mann, Jessie Burton, and Roy Porter.

This film is for Antony and his mum.


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