This film starts with footage taken by the Orkney filmmaker Margaret Tait of her home and her husband. The opening audio is of So Mayer, writer, giving an appraisal of Margaret Tait’s creative work.

This film is about our collective love of motor cars, however polluting they may be. In making this film, I share my own hypocrisy, as in 2021, I bought an old 1959 Land Rover [Series II] to use locally for my gardening and voluntary work. This old vehicle was bought out of nostalgia [my grandfather, Rab Scott, was an orchardman and used to travel from orchard to orchard, and farm to farm, in his Series II Land Rover].


To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

Music credit: Good Fortune – by P J Harvey

Film Credit: Film poems: the work of filmmaker Margaret Tait [BFI]

Dedication: This film is for Margaret Tait and her wonderful ‘film poems’

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