Architect recieves medal after 70 years wait

A 94 year-old architect denied a prestigious student award during World War Two because of his German origins, has been finally honoured.

Born in Berlin in 1920, Antony Wolffe fled his homeland in 1937 in the face of Nazi oppression. He received a scholarship of £80 a year to study at Edinburgh College of Art where he won the City of Edinburgh Civic Design Medal after coming top in his final year. However, giving an award to a German in 1944 was deemed too sensitive. Another student was offered the medal instead, but he turned it down.

January 2015, finally honoured:
“I am chuffed. I never thought this would happen. It is wonderful and extraordinary. I’ve lived longer than I ever thought I truly would, so to see this exhibition of my work and to finally receive this medal, it is quite exciting.”

Some of Antony C. Wolffe’s work can be found here.


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