the Carse

These inert indicators of life have been ‘retrieved’ from ‘the Carse’.

I intend not to ‘restore them’ but to arrange them in oor gairden. A new way of life before their time may be done.

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[Nearly a year ago} March 2020:
When exploring the copse of trees, where the farmhouse and ancillary buildings once stood, I came across a number of clay pipes emerging from the woodland floor. These auld field drains were heavily covered in moss:

Moss Farm, Carse of Lecropt [was cleared to make way for the M9]:

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I recalled that I had read that the Carse soil had required extensive draining in the 18th century:

Not so long ago I made this film about Lord Kames after visiting his memorial at Blair Drummond:

Two shadows in conversation:

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Our home, Mossgrove was originally called Moss cottage. We have often joked that it was appropriately named because our garden is very good at growing moss! Indeed, in a way, it could be considered as a “moss farm”.

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