The inscriber ran out of room

On the back of a tombstone in Humbie Churchyard I came across this inscription:

You will notice that, in the second line, the inscriber ran out of room.

*The front of this red sandstone tombstone is less well preserved, and due to the erosion of weather and time, cannot be so easily read. This is what I could read: “In Memory of Margaret Lumsden, Spouse to Thomas McDougal tenant in Pogbie  Who Died on the 11th Feb 1816. Aged 49 years.  Also Andrew McDougal their son who died 22nd July 1825 aged 30 years.  Thomas McDougal died Dec 1833 [?] Aged 73 years [?]”

*As an antiquary I have failed as I have not been able to find any surviving story in relation to this family of Pogbie.

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