1. Super photos and video Peter, thank you!

    Many fond memories of window shopping when passing by Ferguson’s in County Place as a child and young person living at Pomarium (Pow) Flats in Perth, and of buying stuff, most recently a warm woolly helmet hat with tartan lining which I found when raking in a cardboard box in the shop. Possibly a chilly day on my way to the Perth swimmies, now up the Glasgow Road.

    Sorry to hear of the move to new premises as it has always felt like stepping back in time seeing Ferguson’s on both sides of County Place, old-fashioned, steeped in happy memories of childhood adventures, playing games with friends, looking in shop windows to imagine what we would buy if we had the money or chalking arrows on pavements in a hide and seek game around the Perth town centre.

    1. Dear Chrys,
      Yes, this is a film about fond memories.

      Big Ted, stitched by you, accompanies me in exploring the past.


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