Set in Stone

Monday last week, I visited the Roundel:

In visiting, I was aware that the inscribed stone that is associated with it, had long since been removed:

Yesterday, on the last day of June 2020, I ‘met with’ the Roundel Stone [it has long been in the custody of the STIRLING SMITH]:

In the grounds of the Smith Institute, the ‘Roundel Stone’ lies recumbent, just as first found by the Quoigs ploughmen in 1822:

Two more recent rock carvings now stand tall beside the Roundel Stone:

I don’t know about you, the reader, but I find that I cannot convey much of what I felt  Y E S T E R DA Y.

This ‘summary’ from 1898 is rather long. However, as ‘I read’ it, I found it to be most revealing!

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