‘A Pair of GOLD SPECTACLES in a Tartan Case’

On 13th November 1881, George Stephen, Watchmaker, Comrie lost his spectacles [presumably going to, or coming from, church]:

George Stephen would have been a ‘weel kent’ figure in Comrie given that his shop ‘full of time’, ticked and tocked, through four decades:

George Stephen learned his trade [vivendo discimus] from his father James, Clockmaker in Oldmedrum, Aberdeenshire

Between Summer 1854 and Spring 1855, George and his wife lost two children in infancy:

Not quite four decades later [by then the ‘shop full of time’ had closed], James Stephen, widower, died in Liff Lunatic Asylum. With no family present, one of the Asylum attendants signed the death certificate.

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