In Logie Churchyard I came across the grave of Dr Henry Dryerre, it was early morning and the sun had just appeared above the horizon. So my eyes were straining to read the inscription.

Dr Henry Dryerre died as a result of an accident whilst serving as an RAF Officer for his Country in the Second World War:

It was Henry Dryerre ‘the Fourth’ who had raised this tombstone to his son.

Henry Dryerre ‘the Fourth’ (1881 -1959], pictured above, was a Scottish veterinarian and animal physiologist. He originally trained and operated as a pharmacist and only in later life took up study in anatomy, branching from here to animal anatomy. He went on to be appointed Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the Dick Veterinary College in Edinburgh. He was born in Blairgowrie in 1881. His father Henry Dryerre (born Henry Dryer) was a journalist and poet (styling himself Henry Dryerre the Third).

Before becoming a Professor, Henry Dryerre ‘the Fourth’ was a practising Pharmacist and qualified Optician and demonstrated a flair for advertising, such that the eyes of the public would never need to “strain” to read his sales pitch!


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