A social maverick

Last Friday I met, for the first time, Dr Evgeny Legedin who is a junior doctor working in psychiatry. Evgeny offers this description of himself on social media: “daring to think for myself and to question the current medical model of mental issues”.

[in the picture below we are sitting beside one another]

I really did take to Evgeny. He has a lovely manner, a sense of fun and is nothing but eager to do the right and moral thing for the world and its people. We chatted for a couple of hours. Evgeny is Russian. He is a mulitlingual polymath who is not afraid to ask questions:

In my opinion Evgeny has been treated most poorly by the establishment of British Psychiatry because he has openly, and with duty of candour, spoken up. If anybody may doubt Evgeny’s determination to put others first, I would ask that they reserve this doubt before meeting him.

Dr Evgeny Legedin makes clear, that in offering a very human insight, he may not always get things right.

Evgeny’s favourite book is Don Quixote. This is also one of my favourite reads. Evgeny prefers Russian writers other than Vladimir Nabokov, whilst I never tire of Nabokov’s work.

I gave Evgeny my annotated copy of a book about the life of Patrick Geddes. When Evgeny saw the cover, which carries a drawing of Patrick Geddes, he asked if it was me? I must say, I was delighted to be mistaken for Geddes, who always considered himself as “first a gardener”. The wider world however, has come to understand Patrick Geddes as a “social maverick”!


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