Death of Perth Sawmaker

At Upper Lanrick farm there was a busy sawmill, but neither the farm ‘toun’ nor the sawmill have been active for at least a generation. Abandoned, their days are now numbered as they are set to be bulldozed.

On a recent visit to Upper Lanrick I came across a circular saw of two-feet in diameter. On the back it still had its maker’s label attached:

I found myself wanting to know more about William Graham, Sawmaker, 6-12 Hospital Street. Perth. Particularly because his name is the only one that has survived in Upper Lanrick despite half a century of abandonment and subsequent decay.

This is a picture of the sawmill:

I discovered that William Graham began his business in Perth in 1904:

He also sold oil engines:

In 1916, when wartime blackouts were enforced, William Graham was fined:

William Graham died 9 years later, in 1925:

Beside the sawmill at Upper Lanrick is a delightful joiners studio. It retains its artisan windows and other features but the roof has now fallen-in:

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