Together we could find music in any city in the world

January 2020: a family weekend in Paris.

Music credits:
(1) Prelude No 1 – in B Flat major by G Gershwin
(2) Sunrise, Sunset – by The National Jazz Trio of Scotland
(3) Systemagic – By Goldfrapp, live on Jools, April 2017
(4) The King Tailors – by The National Jazz Trio of Scotland
(5) Cafe on the left bank – by Wings

Filmed in Paris, 20 January 2020, the day that Peter retired from Medicine.

‘Borrowed words’ chosen by me from books that I have read. My thanks to the wonderful authors.

[Please Note: this film begins with the honeymoon photographs of my parents – Paris, April 1964]

This film is for Angels.

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