“On the subject of misleading narratives”

The above photograph is of Dr David Foreman, Consultant Psychiatrist, giving an educational talk in 2019.

Dr Foreman introduces his Twitter account:“Child(ish) psychiatrist: (New) Culture Editor Psychiatric Bulletin, NICE TAC member. Enjoys debating & cocktails, planning to join science/culture dots & more”

In July 2017, Dr Foreman shared this concern: “pillshaming has become an art form”

Two years on [29 September 2019] Dr David Foreman stated “there seems to be a campaign to determine that antidepressants are toxic and addictive . . . excessive certainty in disseminating preliminary results [about side-effects] can cause harm”

The following month, in a public exchange with Dr Samei Huda, Dr Foreman questioned both the character and motives of Sarah Price Hancock. [Please note: it is my understanding that Sarah is living with severe consequences of iatrogenic harm]. Dr David Foreman: “I kept asking her [Sarah] about conflict of interest as she offers a therapeutic service to those who feel injured by psychiatric practice . . . I strongly suspect she uses Twitter as a form of advertising.”

A few tweets later, Dr Foreman offered this praise of Dr Huda’s writings: “you have created a medical classic, and demonstrated that scholarship still matters” [‘The Medical Model in Mental Health’ by Dr Samei Huda]

Dr David Foreman on prescribed drug dependence [9 January 2020]: “we should be careful about language. If someone needs an antidepressant to remain symptom free then the dependence relates to the disorder, not the drug”.

Dr David Foreman, who has an interest in philosophy, has stated: “on the subject of misleading narratives, it would be great to do something about the ones on the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry website (you can take your pick) . . . having them stated with the authority of a Secretariat to a UK All-Party Parliamentary Group could cause misjudgments.”

The following material [2000 to 2019] has been taken from the public domain:


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