A chance selection of iambic incidents.

This 10 minute film is a muse, based on our short stay in London to meet with Andrew, our son, and to go to Wimbledon.

See great Art from around the world:

To play this short film please click here or on the image above

Above the Tate Modern it says “SEE GREAT ART FROM AROUND THE WORLD“. The best view of this is from St Paul’s Cathedral looking down across the Millennium Bridge.

Whilst in London I was reading “A Room With a View” by E M Forster and also “Bend Sinister” by Vladimir Nabokov. So their muses may have had iambic encounters with mine!

Music Credits:
(1) ‘The Bony King of Nowhere’ – from Bagpuss
(2) ‘The Boys of Summer’ – the first half is a cover by K T Tunstall; the second half is a cover by A Balladeer
(3) ‘See The World’ by Egoli with Damon Albarn

This film is for Andrew.

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