The International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

From a distance I could see the vibrant colours of all those who were there at the International Congress #RCPsychIC and I could feel the  determination for good.

A Poet was there and spoke.

There was one talk on ethics [just one].

There was a talk on akathisa and how this horrendous condition can understandably lead to suicide.

The President acknowledged that voices of experience [after decades of expression] had [at last] been heard by the College!


The Royal College Media team seem to be E V E R Y W H E R E and determined to shape the narrative.

The RCPsych Ethics Committee seemed to be N O W H E R E .

The “new antipsychiatry” session failed to face the very scrutiny that it demanded!

Each and every annual International Congress provides a significant revenue for the College.

This International Congress came across to me as well-meaning but also self-indulgent, self-orientated, and  overly defensive.

Perhaps I lack the very ‘I N S I G H T’ that my profession demands?

Commerce spins colour.

All that matters to me is young folk sharing their natural colour.


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