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  1. Thanks very much for sharing your experience publicly in the press, I know it is not easy but I think it is hugely important because you are a psychiatrist. The more openness there is about this subject the better. There are many positive comments being made in the Daily Mail about your article.

  2. I applaude the article in the Daily Mail. I have taken antidepressants over decades and struggle to come off venlafaxine. I have tried unsuccessfully several times. It is a nightmare and it seems nobody can help.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you once again Dr Gordon, for making public your nightmare experience with Seroxat. It is so refreshing to have an NHS psychiatrist openly admit that antidepressants are capable of causing untold harm in susceptible people. Patients HAVE to be made aware of possible side effects and withdrawal syndromes. Too many people have already been harmed. Stay strong – stay well.

  4. Thank you Dr Gordon you are a hero……..I believe the article had been shared over a 1000 times last time I checked and its been reproduced on all blogs , fb sites etc that matter to the prescribed harm community. I hope you continue to feel strong and well, I really think because you are a Dr people will take what is said more seriously…….Your wife and kids must be proud of you……..as are all of us………

  5. oh update Dr Gordon 1600 times and it has been seen by literally thousands of viewers in the online communities…….Thousands………….They all are thanking you Dr peter.Gordon

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