Psychiatry Careers in Scotland

On the 14th June 2019 the Vice President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (who is also Chair of the Scottish Division) was involved in a #choosepsychiatry campaign called “Psychiatry Careers in Scotland”.

A senior Scottish Psychiatrist who was in attendance said this: “Inspiring stuff from Dr John Crichton on talking to trees, ethics and finding joy in your work as a psychiatrist”.

A Scottish Clinical Leadership Fellow and Psychiatrist in training heard a talk by an NHS Scotland Clinical Director in old-age psychiatry: [we are hearing about] why he went into psychiatry of old age and how useful Stahl’s Psychopharmacology is – I agree!”

I am coming towards the end of career as an NHS psychiatrist for older people living in Scotland. My training in psychiatry was two decades ago and was saturated by Stahl diagrams of neurotransmitter junctions. Whether explicitly said or not, the “basis” for these diagrams and their “practical application”, is the I D E A  of a “chemical imbalance” for mental illnesses.

It seems that this I D E A remains “very useful” to Scottish Psychiatrists both old and young.


Conflicts of interest:

The Vice President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has communicated with my employers expressing concerns about my mental health.

Many years ago I worked with the speaker who was recommending to trainee Scottish psychiatrists the “usefulness” of Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology. I want to make it clear that I found him to be a good colleague and that we got on well.

Stephen Stahl’s financial conflicts of interest may amount to more than any other doctor on the planet. You can read about some of what we know here.


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