front-to-back and back-to-front

The front cover of the current BMJ (22 June 2019) asks: “Why are efforts to stub out tobacco failing?” alongside a graphic image of a map of the world made out of cigarette stubs.

On the back cover of the current BMJ (22 June 2019) is this full page promotional advert by FLYNN Pharma Ltd for a licensed medication for Adult ADHD:

As an NHS doctor of 25 years I find that I continue to worry if science is able to ‘control the narrative’. So here is a “spoof” front cover that I have made that asks another front-page question:

Please Note: it is my view that the BMJ has done more than any worldwide medical journal to promote full transparency of competing financial interests in the science of healthcare. This is a statement about "Realistic Medicine" and not the BMJ.


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