The ‘ladder’ of partcipation

This film is based on an area of academic research that has been termed “The ladder of participation”.

In recent years I have not felt included by the College I was a member of for quarter of a century.

Throughout my career I have asked questions in relation to science and ethics and have done my best to do so politely and openly.

I could have climbed [but never wanted to] the career ladder seeking: awards, status and greater financial security.

Vital Notes on this film:

(1) The current President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and her predecessor, feature briefly in this film in a cartoon image that was the cover of the RSPsych INSIGHT magazine. This cartoon depicts the handover from one President to another. This is how this image should be understood. My understanding is that neither President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has had any continuing relationship with the Pharmaceutical Industry. Both doctors have acknowledged publicly they have had past involvement with Pharma, though most minimally. It is clear to me that this involvement has been minimal and I wish to stress this. Professor Sir Simon Wessely has not always been consistent on this subject: on at least two public occasions he has stated that he has “never worked for Pharma” [full references can be provided]. It should also be noted that neither President has supported Sunshine legislation.

(2) The reason that current and past President feature in this film is in relation to the powerful position that they occupy/occupied. With their approval, and action, the ladder of participation might bring us closer together in a world of shared experience. I have made this film as I feel rungs apart.


(1) Professor Roger Kneebone, as featured on Radio 3, ‘Private Passions’

(2) Vikesh Kapoor – Bottom Of The Ladder – please NOTE – I do not have copyright for this lovely  footage:

(3) ‘Going Under’ by Dexter Britain – free to share under common license

(4) RCPsych INSIGHT magazine

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