‘Like the deck of a ship’

Kennetpans, an estate on the river Forth near the Kincardine Bridge, used to belong to my grandfather’s grandfather, Bob Scott (the man standing tall in a hat).

Here is my grandfather Rab Scott with his grandfather Bob Scott:

Bob Scott became wealthy from his orchards that provided fruit for jam:

Kennetpans house was demolished after the second world war.

The Scott children loved the place.

Yesterday, in an old and tattered book (it was more of a Victorian pamphlet), I came across this description of the inside of Kennetpans House:

I was struck by the description of the dining room appearing like the deck of a ship. My uncle, John Gibson Scott, used to love sharing with me his childhood stories from Kennetpans. As a wee boy, with his mother, he was rowed out from Kennetpans to see the opening of the Kincardine Bridge.

The boat of that deck is now gone.

[footnote: after being demolished the rubble from Kennetpans house was used to bolster several of the supporting pillars of Kincardine Bridge]

Here are two films which feature Kennetpans:

The blossomest blossom

The End of Development

And here is a film on Kincardine Bridge:

Look aboot Ye

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