The Birnam Oak

My mother recently gave me her grandfather’s letter opener. It was made from the wood of an ancient Birnam oak.

Wilfrid Lawson Gibson, my mother’s grandfather, was a Major in WWI. He set out with his men from Birnam. Athletic, Wilfrid had been a champion gymnast.

After the war he settled with his family in Dunblane where he became County Surveyor. He built many roads including the Trossachs road which survives today as a triumph of engineering and guile.

Wilfrid’s bookcase (from his surveyors office) is today in our home. It is on our stair landing and is filled with the words of others that we cherish.





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  1. Hello – I wondered if you can tell me the source of the image you use here that says ‘Dunkeld and Birnam, Land that Shakespeare admired and immortalised’? Thank you!

    1. I found it in the British Newspaper Archive. Alas, I did not keep note of the date or the newspaper. My apologies.

      aye Peter

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