[I M] B A L A N C E

My contribution along with Alastair Campbell to a BBC Radio Scotland call-in show on World Mental Health Day 2018. The conversation considers stigma, antidepressant prescribing in Scotland, realistic medicine and the potential for dependence and withdrawal with antidepressants. I also mention petition PE1651 by Marion Brown on Prescribed Drug dependence and withdrawal

[I M] B A L A N C E :

Notes on imagery used:

Three doves:  From "A Scot Remembered" "Why isn't Patrick Geddes better known? Some say he was a great mind born out of his time. The world wasn't ready for his ideas. P.G. was a Holist. He saw education as a coming together of experiences and ideas to create an integrated system much greater than its parts. He explained this as starting with Sympathy or understanding of ones fellow man and the environment, followed by the coalescing( Synergy ) of disciplines of learning and finally a building up ( Synthesis) into a connected whole. He symbolised the three Ss as three Doves, the recognised symbols of Peace but his ideas fell on deaf ears. Narrow specialisation , which he abhorred, was the route to academic recognition. He did not conform to the mores of academia and to his contemporaries his thinking was undisciplined, eccentric and unworthy of their respect."

Mortar and Pestles: I used these as symbols for over-medicalisation. One of my earliest memories was looking up from my pram to see a golden mortar pot. I assumed it was full of sweets and could not understand why it was out of my reach.

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