He walked out through the entrance gate

The sun had just risen on Sunday 22nd July 2018 as I walked through golden crops to Panmure Estate (I was in my kilt as later that morning I was going to Carnoustie to watch the final round of the 2018 Open Golf Championship)

Panmure House was blown up in 1955 by Charles Brand Ltd. This has been described as “one of the greatest acts of officially-sanctioned vandalism of its type in Scotland”.

The designed landscape of Panmure survives, but with little on-going management, nature has made it a softer, less exact tapestry.

Unlike the house and the auld avenue leading up to where it once stood, the gate that the 4th Earl of Panmure walked out of in 1715 towards battle, still survives today. It remains locked.

Music Credits:
(1) Spem in Alium – by Thomas Tallis
(2) Party Fears Two – a cover by Kenny Anderson
(3) Beyond the Strath – by James Ross (from the album ‘Chasing the sun’)

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