A selection of a selection of a selection

I am very much looking forward to the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August. I am going to try and book for the following:

One Reply to “A selection of a selection of a selection”

  1. I hope you enjoy the book festival Peter, the speakers and topics you’ve highlighted look very interesting.

    I went there, it was in Charlotte Square, with my friend Gail many years ago, I think in response to her invitation, she died in December 2008, we had the same birthday 28 September, both of us Christians, she was about 5yrs younger than me. I wasn’t a writer then or involved in mental health matters, likely was working at Adam Smith (now Fife) College on a student mentoring project, eventually doing some lecturing.

    From then to now is like a different lifetime. Then I could hardly find any sessions that were of particular interest. Now the ones that you’ve marked out all sound inviting, my interests have broadened, in no small part to having engaged with you, learning from your films and writing. Also having to take up writing myself, to have a voice, to advocate and to fight for justice. It’s like coming out of a shell or cocoon.

    Thank you for the memory and for the learning. Chrys

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