‘Improvement goggles’

What follows are three slides taken from a talk given by the Executive Clinical Director, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and IHI Fellow, given at the Edinburgh International Conference of Medicine in September 2016:

I most certainly agree that culture is important. But what kind of culture? Is it healthy just to follow one? In this case the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Boston.

Realize your dreams (IHI)

The “Improvement Goggles”, it would seem, come as part of the “toolkit”?

As a doctor who is passionate about improving care it matters to me that I follow science that does not risk being pre-determined. It is important that there is philosophical depth to the approaches that we take to healthcare.

I understand the overwhelmingly good intentions of all those involved in “improvement science”, however I would suggest that we should carefully consider the potential benefits and harms of a most determined “one organisation” approach that starts and ends with reductionist and mechanical algorithms.

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  1. I wholly agree with you Peter.

    Mind you, given the avalanche of complicated information that we all have to cope with now in our Future Shock world, there is something regressively appealing about hoping that some one, some nice sounding parental body or authority, knows what we should all be doing for the very best for everyone. It’s like handing over your brain when you go to a filmshow – maybe with stereo glasses for goggles – so you can relax completely while you’re taken for a ride. Taken for a ride indeed.

    Some pipe dream though. If we don’t keep our critical thinking at least when we’re doing our day jobs, we might as well retire and watch films all day instead.

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