‘Have you ever noticed that certain days are injury days?’

I was filming in our garden today: the sky was beautiful, the spring bulbs colourful and the green as fresh as can be. By chance, an NHS Forth Valley lorry passed in front of the house. My heart missed a beat. The lorry was advertising the Minor Injuries Unit.

Three years have nearly passed since I resigned from NHS Forth Valley. When an employee with NHS Forth Valley I championed an ethical and evidenced-based approach to the diagnosis of dementia and for transparency in terms of financial interests of staff.

As a consequence of this, I myself left NHS Forth Valley with injuries. Not physical injuries but just as real. Looking back, I am proud to have tried my wee best to put ethics at the very heart of my practice. To stand up for those who may not be as able or who may feel frightened to stand up for themselves.

Have you ever noticed that certain days are injury days?:

The title of this film comes from the novel Vinegar Girl” by Anne Tyler

The music is by Steven Lindsay – “Exit Music

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