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Last week I went for a late evening walk along the Allan water with a friend of mine and my son Andrew.

We saw Stevenson’s cave before arriving, in the near dark, to the ruins of a mill known as Milladd.

A season earlier I had visited Milladd to remember Sergeant Albert Bayne who was killed, aged 21 years, in the battle of Somme. I visited  Milladd, Albert’s home, exactly 100 years to the day of his death. I took with me some hand-painted words that I hoped might convey, if a little mysteriously, a remembrance of sorts to Albert Bayne.

I was later told that my remembrance had been removed by the Laird of Kippenross. I was thus nearly brought to tears when I found on our walk this week that my words for Albert had been restored. Words that I hope will season and fade with Milladd.

This is the short film that I made at Milladd on the 29th April 2016 [please click on image below to play film]




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