Is it time itself that we mourn?

A short film about Polmaise castle near Stirling:

Is it time itself that we mourn?

To play the film please click here or on the above image.

[apologies: for mispronouncing Touchadam]

We looked at the map.
There was so much that we could not place. This did not matter.
We sought adventure [on our Sunday off]
We got completely lost amidst the rhoddies and the trees.
In our adventure we came to wonder if the ‘start’ and the ‘finish’ were the same?

A walker-by, who had enjoyed childhood adventure on Gillies Hill, kindly guided us to the rubble of Polmaise castle which was blown up in the year that I was ‘conceived’. Now all that survives is the rubble and a collapsed doorway just as it fell: accidentally dividing 18 from 65. Both being ‘landmarks’ of human ageing.

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