Abergeldie: on the edge of the Dee

                        3rd January 2016:

I was distressed to wake up this morning to hear the news that Abergeldie castle’s fate is more uncertain than it has ever been.

Abergldie castle, Storm Frank 2

Abergeldie has the longest single unbroken family stewardship of any castle in Scotland – unbroken in nearly 600 years. John Howard Seton Gordon, the genial twenty first laird, continues this family tradition and has served both loyally and true.

Abergeldie castle - 2 Dec 2016 - after storm Frank (2) - Copy

A decade ago I wrote Abergeldie’s history in “Deeside Tales – the Stories of a Small Glen”

Cover 3

I have visited Abergeldie many times and I have always been made most welcome.

Peter Gordon & Abergeldie castle 1

The castle that Peter could do wonders wi'

1st edition Abergeldie

The Gordon family rented out Abergeldie Castle for a considerable period before the 21st Laird. The tenants of the Gordons being the Royal family.

Rachel Gordon, Abergeldie castle

Abergeldie Castle's Great Hall - July 2004 - Copy (2)


Peter’s short films about Deeside  [please click on each image to play a different film]

Butterflies, bridges and Kings:

It happened here:

To be humbled:

Bundle and Go!

2 Replies to “Abergeldie: on the edge of the Dee”

  1. (With greetings from New Zealand.) I have in my possession a rather charming, small watercolour painting of Abergeldie Castle, signed J Hay, 1921 – I purchased it several years ago at a sale of pictures. The painting’s location was not identified at that time, but through a bit of internet research I managed to nail the setting. I had been intending to write to Baron Abergeldie, John Howard Seton Gordon, to see if he was possibly interested in the picture, but upon reading an article about the castle in our local newspaper some three years ago I realised that he would have far more urgent concerns on his hands. I am writing now, however, with the hope that the major challenges have now passed, and that he might find the picture of interest. No problem at all if not – I would probably send it instead to a Scottish auction house. Would you mind passing my email address to him, or can I forward you a photograph of the picture, that you could then let him know about? (I do not have a figure in mind and would not be wanting any great sum for the picture – its greatest value seems to be in connection to Abergeldie and its history. It would be nice to see it going to a good home! With best wishes, Ken Hall

    1. What a kind message Ken. Greetings from Scotland to New Zealand!

      Though a Gordon, I am not directly related to John Howard Seton Gordon, the current Laird of Abergeldie. I am not sure of his current circumstances but I am fairly certain that he does not have a computer or e-mail address.

      If you wanted to send me a photograph of the watercolour, and with your postal details, I could send this in to the Laird.

      my contact e-mail is pgsg@bridgeofallan.plus.com

      Many thanks again

      aye Peter
      Bridge of Allan

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