Abergeldie – on the edge of the Dee

                        3rd January 2016:

I was distressed to wake up this morning to hear the news that Abergeldie castle’s fate is more uncertain than it has ever been.

Abergldie castle, Storm Frank 2

Abergeldie has the longest single unbroken family stewardship of any castle in Scotland – unbroken in nearly 600 years. John Howard Seton Gordon, the genial twenty first laird, continues this family tradition and has served both loyally and true.

Abergeldie castle - 2 Dec 2016 - after storm Frank (2) - Copy

A decade ago I wrote Abergeldie’s history in “Deeside Tales – the Stories of a Small Glen”

Cover 3

I have visited Abergeldie many times and I have always been made most welcome.

Peter Gordon & Abergeldie castle 1

The castle that Peter could do wonders wi'

1st edition Abergeldie

The Gordon family rented out Abergeldie Castle for a considerable period before the 21st Laird. The tenants of the Gordons being the Royal family.

Rachel Gordon, Abergeldie castle

Abergeldie Castle's Great Hall - July 2004 - Copy (2)



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