A letter to Professor Jason Leitch

In this post I reply to Professor Jason Leitch, whose letter of the 2nd June 2015 on Haloperidol prescribing to Scotland’s elderly can be read here:


Jason Leitch Delirium

This is the link to my summary on Delirium Screening written March 2014 at the request of one of those involved with improvement work in delirium. I shared this with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the Scottish Delirium Association and OPAC (Older People in Acute Care Improvement programme). I had no replies


The following behind-the-scene communications were recently released as a result of a Data protection request. 

The communications indicate a tone of disdain for those who may write to the Scottish Government's Department of Health with concerns about patient wellbeing and safety.


Professor Leitch chose not to answer my question about registration with the General Medical Council however he did kindly supply an abbreviated CV which would indicate that he is neither medically trained nor qualified.

Professor Leitch is registered with the General Dental Council .

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