“A person centred tool”

In a previous post I drew attention to the increasingly mechanical language of Health Improvement.

This current post starts with recent communication by National Health Improvement Leads in Scotland:

patient centred tool 01

patient centred tool 02


One of my favourite writers is Robert Louis Stevenson. In “an apology for idlers”  he considers how humankind tends to approach understanding:

RLS 1893


RLS quote 017


Mary Midgley, now aged 95 years, is one of my favourite moral philosophers. In “Heart and mind” she considers “tests”:






Mary Midgley has written a lot about reductionism:


Healthcare Improvement Scotland outline that they are “one organisation, with all activities aimed at driving improvements in healthcare”:

One Organisation

If you search Healthcare Improvement Scotland for “philosophy” you get three results, none of which actually relate to philosophical study:

philosophy HIS

If you search Healthcare Improvement Scotland for “ethics” you get zero results:

zero mention of ethics

Dr Murad Moosa Khan is a psychiatrist for older adults, who like me, has an interest in ethics:

Dr Murad Moosa Khan

In a recent talk he said:

ethics and improvement1

and later concluded:

ethics and improvement2

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