This calotype, taken in Forres, circa 1882, includes my father’s grandfather, John Gordon [seated in the centre]. If you look closely you will see that he has a squint.

John Gordon was born in 1864 in Craigroy Croft, Altyre, and died in  Edinburgh in 1922.  My father, Stuart Gordon, was born in 1936 [fourteen years after his grandfather’s death].

The reverse side of this calotype:

The only other photograph that I have of my father’s grandfather is this family photograph taken in 1902.  John Gordon [now bearded]  is photographed with his eyes looking sharply to the left [I have sometimes wondered if this was to hide his squint?]

The baby in this photograph is Henry Mungall Gordon who was born in August 1902. Henry was father to Stuart, my father. I never knew my grandfather Henry as he died 6 years before I was born. Alas, some patterns seem to repeat.

I have an interest in pioneering photographers. The following material relates to James Lillie, the photographer in Forres who took the first picture of my father’s grandfather.

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