Who’s paying your doctor

BBC Panorama: Who’s paying your doctor? first aired 14 April 2014:

Nearly a decade has passed since this BBC investigation was first aired.  I am sharing it again as we still have no  sunshine legislation in the UK. Some argue that this is not important but research has shown otherwise. For example, there is longstanding evidence that exposure to industry promotional activity can lead to doctors recommending worse treatments for patients.

I want to make clear that I fully support research and development in all fields of science. However, it is generally agreed that the most basic requirement of science is full transparency. Nothing should be kept behind closed doors. It is important that information is available on which companies have paid a doctor, so that colleagues and patients can decide for themselves what they think.

Stills from this edition of Panorama [featuring first, Professor Guy Goodwin and second, Professor David Nutt]:

Additional background material [not from Panorama]:

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