“Glossy Campaign”

The following correspondence was published in the Psychiatric Bulletin in the early years of the Defeat Depression Campaign. This correspondence highlights concerns that this educational campaign was based on a flimsy assessment of a highly complex subject. The risk here is that any over-simplified analysis will result in an over-simplified intervention.   For example the “reassurance”  that antidepressants had no risk of causing dependence was simple but lacked robust supporting evidence.

The following ‘briefing‘ by Sushrut Jadhav and Roland Littlewood was published in the Psychiatric Bulletin, [volume 18, issue 5] in June 1994:

In the same journal, Vol 18 of the Psychiatric Bulletin, Professor R. G Priest had this robust reply published on behalf of the Defeat Depression Campaign:

In April 1995, in Volume 19, Issue 4, of the Psychiatric Bulletin, this follow-up communication by  Jadhav and Littlewood was published:

In the same issue of the Psychiatric Bulletin [April 1995] , Professor Priest, as Chairman of the Defeat Depression Campaign had this final response published:

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