They fell for us

These short films by Peter recall those who fell for us in War [please click on each image to play a different short film].

Between two black lines in the evening paper [Private John Hyslop GracieGlenour/Glenover, Ayrshire]:

Just for one day [Private George Scott, Ellemhaugh, Scottish Borders]:

He sees what other people don’t [Second Lieutenant Alexander Stevenson, Auchinhard, West Lothian]

Binglety, Banglety, Bumpety [Second Lieutenant Alexander Stevenson, Auchinhard, West Lothian who died on the Somme battlefield on the 9th December 1916. The very day that he died and lay on the battlefield, his wife Isabella delivered his second child who was named Alexander]

There he dies [Second Lieutenant Gawaine Baillie, of Polkemmet, West Lothian]

Is it time itself that we mourn [Second Lieutenant Alastair John Greville Murray, of Polmaise, Stirling]

Jawhills – an utterance [Sergeant William Yeats Stevenson, Jawhills, Slamannan]

Jawhills – by his mother [Sergeant William Yeats Stevenson, Jawhills, Slamannan]

It is not down in any map [Sergeant Albert Edward Bayne, Millad, Bridge of Allan]

Thursday [Corporal Alexander Livingstone, Side farm, Balhaldie, killed in action 4th October 1917]:

William Nairn of Boreland Farm, Perthshire, who died at sea as a result of Spanish Flu:

at sea:

What love means:

Harry Patch (1898-2009) the Last Fighting Tommy, describing war as the “calculated and condoned slaughter of human beings”:

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