as if it were the only thing

Yesterday, with Sian and a Baird cousin from Rhode Island, we visited Drumdruills. Florence, who has been ‘Custodian’ of this farm and orchard for over 40 years now, was so kind to us.

Over the years I have made many short films inspired by Drumdruills. To play the following short films please click on the title or the associated image.

The blossomest blossom:

Through my window:

Greatest reward:

An orchard for an apple:

I like it when you call me Mr Scott:


Shout to the top:

My grandfather, Rab Scott, was well known across Scotland. He drove a Series II Land Rover. I loved my grandfather. He was like a father to me. I called him ‘Grumpa’. I now have my own Series II Land Rover.

What follows are my Series II films [to play each film please click on a different image]:

[Series II] Drumduills:

I had a wild thought:

All in my heid:

BISCUITS [to speak our life as we feel it]:

Two postcards from:


S H I M M E R I N :

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