This was NOT news

I am not long home after a wee adventure North. My 63 year-old Land Rover did braw!

I travelled North to visit a bridge: the suspension bridge ower the river Ericht.

I stayed at the Bridge of Cally Hotel. Whilst there I read poems by Kathleen Jamie and penned some of my own.

I set off before dawn:

Even in darkness the mile-ometer revealed that many roads had been well-travelled:

Just after dawn I arrived in the City of Perth [where Sian was born]:

I crossed over the river Tay:

I found that a number of once-familiar Perth shops were closed:

But flowers grow:

and blossom:

My grandfather [I called him ‘Grumpa’] was a fruit-grower and travelled from orchard-to-orchard in his Land Rover:

I loved my Grumpa:

The Blairgowrie Advertiser, Tuesday 2nd August 2022:

There is no longer a petrol-pump at the Bridge of Cally:

I was served breakfast by a Ukranian:

A window-pane [pain] of a closed shop in Blaigowrie:

I crossed river after river [and several rivers several times]:

‘Big Ted’ was with me:

A world without bridges would make adventures difficult.

Big Ted then took me to the Haugh of Drimmie Suspension Bridge over the river Ericht:

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