1. All members of The Neon Yellow Preservation Society are automatically awarded the official professional status: ‘NEON’.
  2. All members will be given a copy of the Society regulations along with a complete dictionary of NEONspeak.
  3. NEONspeak is the official language of the Society and all members are required to use it.
  4. The Society operates on the principle that all wavelengths of light are equally important but that NEON wavelengths are more illuminating than any other.
  5. Neon Based Evidence [NBE] is to be promoted and followed by all members of the Society and any other form of evidence should be considered as ‘misinformation’.
  6. Neon Based Evidence is illuminated by laboratory-quality fluorescent light and its veracity is beyond questioning.
  7. Non-NBE is blind to this fluorescence and is thus unable to contribute to progressive scientific understanding.
  8. All non-members of the Society will be designated as ‘ANTI-NEON’.

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