Final Discography

Is a pattern emerging in relation to contributing factors to the early deaths of  some of our favourite music stars?

Rolling Stone, 26 March 2022: “Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead at 50”. A toxicology report found “10 substances in his body” with many of them seemingly taken as prescribed [licensed by regulators as “safe and effective”].

The F I C T I O N A L record [above] seems stuck.



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  1. Professor Rob Howard, 29 March 2022: “Didn’t take long for those who relentlessly troll antidepressants and shame those who find them helpful to exploit the sad circumstances of Taylor Hawkins’ death”

  2. This is a gross misrepresentation of what this post actually says. Loaded terms like “relentless”, “troll”, “exploit” and “shame” are unhelpful. Baroness Cumberlege’s review was concerned, as I am, about how professionals limit learning [and thus the progress of science] through the use of such defensive and divisive language

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