a little bit of activity [IMMEASURABLE]

This is my latest short film. It is not supposed to make sense, but then again, I am of the view that meaning is only there if you look for it! [To play this film please click here or on the image below]:On the last day of 2021, out of the blue, I had a seizure when walking in the mountains above Blair Atholl. I lost consciousness and turned blue. Fortunately I was with a friend who called the emergency services and I was rescued. They were all nothing short of wonderful.

In my career as an NHS doctor I recall neurologists sometimes talk of abnormal EEGs as demonstrating “a little bit of activity” [EEG’s graph brain waves]. However the interpretation of this “activity” was not always so easy to measure [quantify].

Credits: Closing out-take from Bagpuss and ‘Courting is a pleasure’ by Jarlath Henderson with the BBC Proms.

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