Canto 2

The following short films by Peter are about poets and poetry [please click on each image to play a different film]:

Balansnummer [a protest poem]:

I have written my heart in my poems [Robert Nicholl]:

It happens but rarely [Tomas Tranströmer]:

Little Gidding [T S Eliot]:

Miss Joan Hunter Dunn [John Betjeman]:

Poets Lane [Alexander Laing]:

Stirling’s Makar [Clive Wright]:

View from the bench [Clive Wright]:

We belong to the earth [Tomas Tranströmer]:

Words not found in this dictionary [William Soutar]:

Worry undone [Robert Fergusson]:

Rare Species [Edwin Morgan]:

We shall shine in a story that has never been told [Edwin Morgan]:

With such strength I have to conceal the passion for fear it may be thought weakness [Wilfrid Owen]:

The Frog Poet [Norman MacCaig]:

The extraordinariness of the usual [Norman MacCaig and Richard Feynman]:

The time is coming up to half-past four [Femi Oyebode]:

You ask me what it is I do? [John Betjeman]:

The poem that time forgot [Robert Pollok]:

Do you hear the plaster drop? [John Betjeman]:

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