A film about Bridge of Allan’s first garage and Stirling’s first cinema.

Music credits:
[1] ‘Johnnie’ – Lost Prince [BBC production]
[2] ‘Period Piece’ – Lloyd Cole.

Picture credits:
My thanks, as ever, to Dennis Hyndman and the Bridge of Allan community/diaspora

Film credits:
[1] ‘On the Banks of the Allan Water’ – Clarendon Film Company, 1909
[2] Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – Bridge of Allan home cine footage
[3] ‘Gateway to the Highlands’ – featuring Bridge of Allan, 1938

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2 Replies to “AUTOMOBILISM”

  1. I was looking up a character named Henry Talbot, in the series: Downton Abbey.
    When searching for Talbot, I came across a photo of a real person, a man of similar name, who was a vagrant some decades ago. I found your site this way. You must live in the UK. Your website is unique.
    I saw your posts about how the bots removed your videos.
    Isn’t the 21st century wonderful!
    I’m in Idaho, USA. I just wanted to encourage you to never ever let them stop you from posting online.
    G**gle suspended my business’ website after being online for nearly a year. So I know how it feels.
    Fight them. Be really creative and fight with your brain power! Don’t let some globalist tell you what you can, and cannot…post!
    Good luck!

    1. Many thanks for this kind and supportive message from Idaho.

      I hope that all goes from strength to strength for you.

      aye Peter

      Bridge of Allan

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