Professor Ewart: For lovers of the marvellous

On the last Saturday of June 1856, ‘Professor Ewart’ the ‘Greatest Ventriloquist in Europe’ performed in Bridge of Allan. The Old Music Hall, where he performed, is long gone. It is now DOMINOS – a  branded supplier of pizzas.

Two years later, The Freemasons Mirror, was equally jubilant in reporting the marvellous ‘Professor’:

Many years later, this  criminal prosecution was reported:

Bridge of Allan, a ‘watering place’ and Spa Town [once a village] did not make “Professor Ewart’s” career, but it was part of it!

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  1. Fascinating articles Peter and a colourful character, especially in court by the sound of things! He must have been quite an amazing act and I wonder what life as a travelling entertainer must have been like – probably only possible because of the railways but it would have been a tough life living out of a suitcase no matter how talented. He would have been quite a draw for folk staying on at Bridge of Allan.

    1. Yes, I agree Gavin . Professor Ewart was clearly a colourful character! He was also a poet and from what I have seen, quite good at that! His death is not recorded but it was poroably in Greenock and probably not too long after his Court appearance. It would seem his lifestyle has caught up with him.

      aye peter

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