Told with an evident truth as unflinching as it is tender

I recently read Father and Son by the writer and poet  Edmund Gosse. This ‘memoir’ was written in 1907 and subtitled ‘a study of two temperaments.’ I was reminded of a ‘memoir’ that I once wrote but never finished which I titled ‘He cannot unlearn the feeling’.

In Father and Son, Edmund Gosse shared that in childhood he had come across a poem by James Hyslop that had a lasting influence on him:

Earlier this summer, it so happened that I visited the childhood homestead of James Hyslop: High Dalblair in Ayrshire:

In Father and Son, Edmund Gosse shared that as a young man he met an ‘old man’ who became a mentor to him. This ‘old man’ was James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862):

Many years ago, when filming at Glasgow Necropolis, I dropped Hale Bopp teddy bear without realising. Amongst all the tombstones and funerary ornamentation it took me a whole afternoon to find our family teddy bear. I found Hale Bopp by the tomb of James Sheridan Knowles.

A reviewer of Father and Son said that it was:

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