Secret of the Yew Tree

‘If we are on a path of initiation into the secrets of landscape, earthlore and healing, the yew tree can become a powerful heirophant.’

The Ormiston Yew

The circular Yew hedge

The Somerleyton Yew

Scientists chop years off ancient yew trees

The Crookston Yew tree

The Wallace Yew

The little loch of the Yew grove

Craigend Yew

I Vow Yew

The Fraser Yew

The Auchendrane Yew

Chapel of the Yew trees

The Culfargie Yew

The Abbotshall Yew

St Columba’s Yew

Adam and Eve Yews

Stow on Wold Yews

The Raploch Yew

Rockingham elephants

Earlshall [shapes abandoned]

The Inchbrakie Yew

The Fortingall Yew

An incredibly ancient child

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