Newspaper boy

This film is for newspaper girls.

I grew up in Colinton. I was a paperboy for ‘JOHN MENZIES’. I also delivered milk for Bonaly Dairy.

On my evening round I delivered the Edinburgh Evening News to Mrs Picken.

Mrs Picken always met me at her door with a smile and a fresh apple to sustain me on my paper-round.

I came to know Mrs Picken. She was widow of Jack, Colinton’s last shoemaker. They had no children.

Mrs Picken showed me the roses that she had planted in her garden for Jack. She wanted me to have his brass trombone [I gently declined such incredible kindness].

In 1985, I left Edinburgh to study Medicine in Aberdeen. When I returned home I found a ‘FOR SALE’ sign outside Mrs Picken’s house.

Music credit: ‘Scott Walker Revisited’, BBC orchestra, with John Grant singing.

Footnote: I have a personal dislike for NEON lighting

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