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    1. Thanks Chrys.

      It was lovely to be back in St Andrews. I was thinking about you and your family. Everybody so loves your gorgeous bear and we treasure him!

      aye Peter

      1. Thanks for responding Peter, I’m pleased to hear folk like your bear.

        I’m now into more sock knitting these days, also sewing, since I got a new machine during lockdown, and have recently started a new blog with a more positive, creative focus, to post about art and craftwork (Chrys Arts Crafts title so far anyway!):

      2. I have had a look at the work you have shared photos of. What you have created is wonderful Chrys! You are so talented, have the ‘eye’ of a designer, and your fingers those of a true artisan.

        I wish you well with all of this.


      3. Thanks Peter!
        That’s very kind of you.

        I now want to move on to, return to, other more positive projects and I know you will understand this. I find it very therapeutic creating craftwork, good for reflecting and healing.

  1. Yes, I do understand this. I am also trying to move on!

    We have done our bit and I feel that we can hold our heads up high. It has not always been easy! I have certainly made mistakes but I have tried to just be me.

    There is something wonderful about being creative – just the act of adding something new to the world is enough in itsel!


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