comet [COMET]

My son Andrew was born under the glow of Hale Bopp. I have been fascinated with passing comets ever since. Their forever fading tails [tales] seem as wonderful to me as the glow.

The town of Coatbridge once had an Inn, known as the Comet. It never really took off, as this Ordnance Survey description of 1858 would seem to suggest:

The ‘Comet’ was opposite side to the Bank [this being BANK Street]:

On the 5th February 1868 a ‘Comet’ death was announced [alongside adverts as found]:

By mid July 1871 the ‘Comet’ had finally become an Inn:

[1879] Two years later:

The Sharks’s Mouth was one of several Coatbridge Inns that began to glow in the fading of the Comet’s tail:

To play the film please click here or on the above image.

Something wonderful survives in the Comet’s tail/tale:

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