Dracula Salad

In the late 1980s I visited Slains Castle, Cruden Bay, with several medical school friends. We did so on several occasions as it gave us a guid excuse to stop off at the Udny Arms for ‘sticky toffee pudding’ [at a time before sticky toffee pudding had become more widely appreciated!]

In last week’s papers, I came across a picture of Rev Sean Swindells, Cruden Parish Church, holding up a pamphlet that contained a recipe for ‘Dracula Salad’:

I hope one day to return to Slains Castle with my family.  We would no doubt be hungry after visiting the castle. For this meal, my imaginary menu would begin with ‘Dracula salad’ and end with ‘Sticky toffee pudding’ [as there could be no better way to be ‘finished off’!]

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